Dentist negligence claim

dental claim

Do you want to make a negligence claim against your dentist?

Dentist negligence can cause preventable pain and suffering.

Iif you are injured or suffer loss as a result you may be entitled to claim substantial compensation

Dental surgeons, doctors and nurses and indeed all healthcare professionals are bound by a duty of care and if any dentist negligence, incompetence, poor judgment or failure in performing that duty can be shown, we can pursue a claim on your behalf.

What is the scope of claims?

CLC LAW has successfully brought dentist compensation cases against doctors, dentists, practitioners of alternative medicines, nurses, opticians and therapists.

Our dentist compensation claim team have provided successful representation for more claimants than anyone else at no cost to our clients. Successful nurse compensation cases include:

  • breach of contract claims against private hospitals in relation to private medical and dentist treatment
  • representation at Inquests where unexplained deaths have occurred after medical or dentist treatment
  • at judicial review of resource decisions made by NHS Trusts or the Department of Health
  • applications to the Family Division of the High Court for treatment decisions
  • at Public Inquiries into clinical or policy failures on behalf of affected families
  • claims for children
  • product liability claims under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 where medical devices/products are defective; some of these claims are conducted as group actions

Generally, dentist negligence claims are subject to a three year limitation period, so you need to speak to us as soon as possible using our freephone on 020 7845 1121 about making your claim.

Who We Recommend

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Expert Research Team

CLC LAW will also use its award-winning specialist research team to investigate your dentist negligence claim on your behalf using your recollection, your medical records and expert medical opinion to assess the quality of care that you received.

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Choose your solicitor

We can offer you a choice of nationally renowned professional firms of lawyers who specialise in such claims.


We will seek to achieve the maximum settlement in your favour for your claim, whether or not the case eventually reaches court (and currently 93% of cases are settled before reaching this stage).

Partnered with Alliance Legal Centre and Lead Bank Solicitors.

We pursue such cases in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Making a Dentist Negligence Claim

If you believe you might have a claim you should call our dentist negligence team now using our freephone on 020 7845 1121. It’s important to speak to us as soon as possible – time limitation periods apply to claims and investigating your case is invariably easier if you begin proceedings immediately.

Your initial consultation with us is always free, and we’ll give you a quick decision whether or not your case is worth pursuing.

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